David Yourman, Ph.D. NYS Licensed Psychologist

Manhattan (Union Square)

Neurofeedback is a holistic approach that facilitates improved self-regulation of the central nervous system. It is a learning process, but one that occurs without conscious effort. The brain is given information about its electrical activity that is recorded from sites on the scalp. This information can then be used to release rigid, less-than-optimal, patterns of function.

Because it is holistic, neurofeedback can be helpful with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, peak performance, and personal growth and a broad range of health concerns (including sleep problems, addiction, pain, headache, sleep and digestive disruptions, and supporting immune functioning and healing). I use two different cutting-edge systems, NeurOptimal Pro, and The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENs from Ochslabs). These systems use different modalities to help improve CNS function. After an initial consultation, I will recommend which system I think would work better for the client. Sometimes I will suggest both systems be used.