David Yourman, Ph.D. NYS Licensed Psychologist

Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback in Brooklyn and Manhattan

I am a psychologist and neurofeedback therapist in Park Slope, Brooklyn and Manhattan. I  incorporate leading-edge technologies in neurofeedback and psychotherapeutic techniques to help people feel better, function better, and lead fuller lives. I have over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist and fifteen years experience doing neurofeedback.

I work with all ages. Adults often come because of anxiety, depression, reduced motivation, pain, insomnia and other body complaints or health concerns. Some are looking to excel in careers – in the arts, business or finance, sports, or in academia. Some are looking to heal longstanding difficulties in family relationships and/or past traumatic experiences. Many are looking for personal/emotional growth by enhancing connection in important relationships.

Families may seek help when a child is not achieving their potential, when a child has difficulty regulating emotions or behavior, or when children suffer from somatic problems such as headaches or disrupted sleep. Some children have developmental disorders like Autism or Asperger’s: some are exceptionally talented or gifted intellectually; some have experienced very stressful or traumatic events. Some children have diagnoses like ADHD, ADD, anxiety, or depression. All children can benefit when the family engages in neurofeedback. The Central Nervous System of the child is optimized, and the best results are obtained when an adult in the household is trained as well.